The Gracious Hammer

Bring down your gracious hammer, Lord;
Until nothing left of glitter shines,
Sift my pulverized soul, crushed to dull,
So, Jesus Christ ablaze, abides.
Fainting, fighting joyful surrender, You
Ended cruel uncertainty and shame;
The hands and feet nailed to wood that day
Are too my calling, my single aim.
The wise pretend a dignity and laughter,
(As I embrace the call to death and sorrow.)
But that broad way leads not to love;
Only darkness from a world I try to borrow.
So, fill my soul with You O, Lord,
Let crucifixion raise me, woo my heart,
The hammer down upon the nail
Secures me to the beam, set apart.
Breathe into me, most dear Holy Spirit
Your holy breath, the wind of God;
Life is found upon a narrow pathway
That leads to crosses, my daily trod.
And at the base of that surrender,
Lies a hammer bitterly tossed and scorned;
Yet, how could hands that welded it know?
It brings true light to all re-born.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Benton says:

    oh what hammer beyond yond window gleams gracious in the sun
    i find that i would play and romp than by the hammer be undone…

    1. kevinjyoung says:

      I love B-love! You make me smile.

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