If you’re a wife, keep praying for your husband! They are under spiritual attack, and you don’t even know the half of it. If your husband has any spiritual pluck, any over- sight of building any part of the wall of God’s kingdom, then he’s hard pressed, working with one hand, and holding a weapon in the other. But there are times when his humble surrender is not enough. He’s watching his grip on the spiritual weapons slip, and he’s honestly scared. I know this because a month ago, I felt the tentacles of satanic influence pulling me down, and felt powerless to stop it. It scared me, a lot! Let me share a brief testament to the potency of prayer, welded with humble dependence by a woman of God, whom I dearly love.

It started with vile dreams, and began to infect my thoughts in the day. I began to project these ideas to their logical outcome, and it would be the end of my ministry, the glory of God would dim, like a wick snuffed in wax, I would become just another casualty in this holy war. So, I spoke with Ginnette. Not in sordid detail, but generally. I encourage men to keep a porous marriage. They should be able to let their wives in enough to feel the threat, and join them in prayer. What I didn’t anticipate, was that Ginnette had already been praying for me, already had committed to focus solely on me for the Lenten season. I didn’t find out about this until last week, when I heard her state this during a sharing time at our staff meeting. Then I put two and two together.

Here’s how God used her prayers. The dreams stopped, and the temptations dissolved. I felt strengthened each time I went to the Word, and I was journaling feverishly. The Word came alive, and was washing over me, preserving me, protecting me; silencing the voices of hatred and compromise. By the One True Voice, my Abba came to save!

That is the power of a praying wife! That is the brilliance of God’s design for us to become so enamored with God, that prayer is not some perfunctory act, some carved out obligatory moment in our day, but the substance in our relationship, the wonder in our spirit that comes upon us when we know He’s leading us. Often, leading us away from that which will destroy, and into the arms of our waiting Savior. Thank you Ginnette, for being a woman of God, who loves Him enough to listen on behalf of her husband, and pray intelligent prayers that God loves to answer!

From the brink, to the Saviors’ side, because the woman who loves me, loves God more!

Do you need to confide in someone that prays? Don’t waste another minute.

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  1. Kaye Birdsell says:

    Thank you, Ginnette, for the example to follow, and thank you, Kevin, for sharing so that I would be encouraged to be on my knees for Scott. I needed this reminder. Thank you, Lord!

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  2. Michelle Beckman says:

    Powerful! Thanks for the reminder. You guys always seem so strong, but this was a reminder of the battle you face. I’m stepping up my prayers for all of you.

    Sincerely, Michelle Beckman michelle.beckman@cru.org 321-297-2221

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