Light will close its eyes today,

And children like candlewicks

Burned too low, will cease their play

Crawl on hands and knees,

Stretch arms and beg….’please;’

Up, up upon a chair,

To be hugged at daddy’s side.

Angels who creep on tiptoe

Silently clamor for a peek,

Stumble and laugh, filling empty spaces;

Gently brush the innocent faces,

Turned to catch a glimpse of light.

Breathless, they have touched eternal life.

Lord, make me aflame today,

Though a dying candle

Burned too low, trim me I pray,

Let me crawl on hands and knees

Stretching arms…’please,’

Up, up to your place of rest,

To be coddled by your side.

Angel’s who watch, do come near;

Invisible in a tapestry of flight,

Cast your light; and if grey may come

Fill the darkened places,

Remove shadows from my many faces,

So light may splash upon the One.

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  1. Michelle Beckman says:

    Such a way with words! Love it!

    Sincerely, Michelle Beckman 321-297-2221

    Sent from my iPhone


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