Miracles Don’t Age….25 Years, and it’s Like Yesterday.

On a hitchhiking trip, my friend passed through a camp ground one evening around dusk.   He was broke, and hadn’t eaten for some time. Suddenly, his mind was filled with the idea of a baked potato. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted one. So, he did the only thing he could do, he asked God for one. When he finished praying he looked down, and spotted a round silver object next to a circle of stones. It was a baked potato, wrapped in foil and still warm.

Through answers to prayer, we get a chance to watch God demonstrate that no request is too small, or too large. An answered prayer is a miracle. Whether that answer is brought to a stunned hitchhiker, or a stunned young couple.

When our son KJ was born, a heart specialist broke distressing news to Ginnette and me. ‘Your son has a very sick heart,’ he told us. “If he survives the first month, he will need 2 or 3 operations to correct all that’s wrong with it.” We sat stunned, and then wept together.   We got on the phone and asked family and friends to pray. Afterward we would find that people coast to coast were asking God to heal our son. I remember going home that night and fighting the urge to think negatively. While I was walking alone through the house it was as if God broke in and showed me where I needed to focus. I spoke out loud the words: “God can heal him! God can heal him!

The next morning Ginnette called again and told me that KJ had worsened over night, and that they wanted to transfer him to a children’s hospital. Later she would share with me the scene in ICU. Her doctor was in tears. The nurses were talking about a police escort. One of them doubted KJ would survive the trip.

The woman at the discharge desk turned out to be a believer, and when I told her about KJ’s condition, she spontaneously took my hand and began to pray for KJ’s healing. It was a strange moment, as though the sound of her voice was coming from somewhere else. As I listened to her plead to God; it was as though God was right next to us acknowledging every word.

The heart specialist decided to let us transport KJ ourselves because we hadn’t had a chance to bond with him. So we bundled up our rather large, but fragile 9 LB 8oz baby, and left behind a sad and stunned hospital staff. We arrived at the children’s hospital and the doctors wanted to do a routine ultra sound. So in a dimly lit room we watched as they focused his half-dollar size heart into view. It was pumping furiously, but strangely enough it was also pumping perfectly! The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. They took another X-ray and it was as if it was two different hearts—so dramatically had the heart changed in just a few hours time. The doctor couldn’t explain it, but we knew.

How often we see Jesus receive the little children who came to Him. They were hungry for his attention, wanting to sit on His lap and listen to Him. Jesus said, “Never send them away! For the Kingdom of God belongs to men who have hearts as trusting as these little children’s.” When the children sat and listened, they grew to trust and respect the man, Jesus.

We receive Christ by faith, and we are admonished to walk now in that same faith. When we do, miracles can, and do happen. My friend’s simple faith was born from a vision God gave Him of what he most desired in that moment. The silver object tucked into the hot stones not only filled his ache, it built his faith. When Ginnette and I prayed for KJ, and asked everyone we knew to pray, we stepped into unknown territory. We had never risked that kind of miraculous. When it dawned on me in that dimly lit room that he was healed, something inside of me was healed. Call it unbelief, or call it a dim view of God’s power, but in that instant everything was different. It made me realize that when Jesus healed people in the Bible, those who lived with them or among them were healed as well. Miracles like a baked potato, or invisible heart surgery have this in common. Both lift our eyes to Him.

He’s still in the business of miracles.

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  1. bghall3 says:

    Love it! Lord do a miracle on my personal acct #0019997!

    Hallelujah…He is Able! Beyond and above all I can think or ask!


  2. Terrence Donahue says:

    Thank you, Kevin. I read your article and took heart. I sent it along to a teammate whom is enduring a terrible hardship with a teenage son. I know he will be blessed by your gift.



  3. Terrence Donahue says:

    Please look me up if your travels ever bring you through STL. Many thanks for what you’re doing.



    1. kevinjyoung says:

      You are the first one I will let know! It’s been far too long since we have sat together and caught up. Love you, brother.

  4. Moses Sanchez says:

    Great read brother. Thanks for sharing.

  5. daylerogers says:

    I love your honesty–we never risked that kind of miraculous. I think most followers of Jesus still struggle with that today–I know I do. And yet the sweet answers to prayer that we see continually are reminders from Him of His power and presence and delight in blessing us. Thanks for this, Kev. Better than a baked potato.

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