The Quester-A Poem

The Quester finds a home

By grinding out the plea

The Face he seeks is meek

Bent toward human need.

Seated by deep waters

Meadow sun-drenched spring,

The offering He offers

Sifted shadows bring.

Down and under hear him sing

The way feels hard and steep.

In misery, He comes for me

To a place of holy heat.

Catching coat tails wild wind

Down and under force of light

Casts a beauty unseen, unheard

Radiates a joy, pure delight!

Yet, danger lurks, a snake,

In grass too tall to see,

Waiting to strike, purpose:

To limp the quester’s glee.

Ground shaking, smiles leave

Nothing stable, all must fly

Clear waters must reply,

The quester heaves a final sigh.

Silenced in a tomb above

The sky falls down and under,

The Quester’s dance all but gone

Forever stolen thunder.  

Back and down the holy way,

Hides forever limp’s disguise

Soaring now above the clouds

The Quester’s heart is wise.

Wait, oh my, it’s come at last

The murmur, grumbles, all has past

Morning flings a door full wide,

“Usher in the Quester’s bride!” 

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