Recent quotes that stir me to action

Sitting in Common Ground Cafe, Bed Stuy Brooklyn.  Misty overcast day, light cool breeze brushes my face, and I sip a fine Chai Tea Latte.  Suddenly, the Lord brings a question to my mind.  What are you afraid of?  This takes me by surprise, and as I ponder it’s implications, the idea of faith’s battle comes to mind.  Do I fight to retain the knowledge of truth, or am too wide-eyed on the journey? For certainly, faith falters through sight.  Hebrews tells us that faith is being certain of what WE DO NOT SEE.  As soon as I open my eyes I tend to forget what God has whispered to me in the night watches.  Truth galvanizes my determination to walk by faith.  But don’t be alarmed when after a season of faithful fight, you find yourself surrounded by the enemy.  “Faith takes us out of the squeeze that fear brings on, that suffocating sense of doom, that pervades our mind when outcomes are uncertain, or threats loom eminent.  But don’t mistake that with deliverance.  Faith takes us out into an open field, not of butter cups, but battle hardened devils.  Only the humble man will be carried by the grace of God.”  With Him, I can run upon the troops, sword ready and soul cleansed; for the fight is the only thing that keeps us alive.  If we are to change into His likeness, we must cast off comfort, pity, self-righteousness and pride.  What remains after our sanctification is what we bring into the next opportunity that God has for us.

In 2004 I wrote a commentary on the 75th psalm.  At that time I summarized the work of God in me, as he constantly and relentlessly pursued my heart: I must be scrutinized by the Holy Spirit, forged in the kiln of adversity, and wait in prayer for His divine touch.  Lord, may you continue to do all these things, especially the wooing of my heart towards prayer, in the work of your Spirit in me.  Lewis said, “change is not progress unless the core remains unchanged.”  Let the core of my motivation be love, solely and urgently wanting Him more than any other, any thing, any goal or any benefit.

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  1. LRF says:

    Paradoxes of images of battle in an open field mixed with truth in the dark and words from God in the night watches….always paradoxes to God’s truth…thus requiring faith.

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