True faith

True faith doesn’t feel good, like splitting the tape under 60 seconds in a gut busting 400 meter run. But there you are bent over,  numb, tight, gasping for air, and smiling from ear to ear.  We are designed by God to hold faith, so that if He wills, we move into the hot spots of the Kingdom’s work, and expect it to wind us.  Faith lifts us off our haunches , ready for the next movement from our Captain; a single nod and we know it’s time to face the enemy. Without faith all will feel like nothing; the invisible, impossible and inviting never known. The unseen, unknown and undoable shout to us, not a  sound of abstract reasoning, but the very voice of God. That’s why prayer has no equal in the pantheon of ideals.True prayer to a true God will bring us face to face with our own frailty.  But equally so, it will convince us that housed in this vessel of clay is the Spirit of truth, who pleads for us, woo’s us, and lifts our tired and grateful legs across the finish line.

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